Bill the Glove Doctor
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Bat Grip Repair

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Not only does the Glove Doc repair gloves, he also repairs bat grips. The Doc will take off your old grip, replace it with a grip of your choice and clean the bat. The Doc can replace grips of any type of bat from softball to baseball and put bat grips on wood bats. Contact Bill for more information on the different bat grips available.  

More and more professional baseball players are using bat grips now so they have better control while they are hitting and of course, to minimize the "sting".  The professionals are using a bat grip called Lizard Skin.  Contact the Glove Doc to get your bat gripped with Lizard Skin bat grip. Lizard Skin offers a variety of color variations to match your team colors.  


Here are two other types of bat grips offered. 

Premium Synthetic (Rawlings)                   Buzz OFF (Rawlings)
Is a medium-cushioned grip with               Is the new technology vibration
medium tack and perforation. It is             reducing grip for baseball and
consistently a top seller and the                softball bats.  This grip is thicker
standard for many production                   than the Premium Synthetic
bats.                                                        grip.